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Brigade Docs

Brigade: Event-driven scripting for Kubernetes.

Brigade Overview

Brigade is a Kubernetes-native tool for doing event-driven scripting. Here’s what that means:

  • Brigade is for running scriptable automated tasks in the cloud.
  • Brigade does not require you to manage host servers.
  • Brigade is particularly well suited for CI and CD workloads such as:
    • Automated testing
    • GitHub hook integration
    • Building artifacts and releases
    • Managing deployments
  • Brigade is built directly on Kubernetes APIs, which means…
    • You can deploy Brigade onto any stock Kubernetes system, from Azure to Minikube
    • You can monitor Brigade and its jobs using Kubernetes tools (or with Brigade’s own tools, of course)
    • Brigade uses Kubernetes resource types
    • Brigade can be deployed and managed with helm.
    • Brigade can easily be integrated with draft.
  • Brigade uses technologies designed to make builds easy:
    • Write configuration in basic JavaScript (no need to learn Node.js)
    • Encapsulate build steps in Docker images. Or better yet, just use off-the-shelf Docker images.

Brigade is designed for teams. It is not a SaaS, nor does it require a legion of domain experts to configure and run it. Instead, it should be easy to install, configure, and maintain.