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Brigade Docs

Brigade: Event-driven scripting for Kubernetes.

GitHub Integration

GitHub Integration

Brigade can optionally provide GitHub integration for triggering Brigade builds from GitHub events via the Brigade Github App project. By default, this gateway is disabled.

To get set up, follow the instructions to create and configure a GitHub App. This App can then be used across one or more repositories, as opposed to the older, OAuth approach requiring configuration for each individual respository.

Next, to enable this gateway for a Brigade installation, set the brigade-github-app.enabled to true:

$ helm install -n brigade brigade/brigade -f brigade-values.yaml --set brigade-github-app.enabled=true

The rest of the brigade-github-app chart values can either be placed under the key of the same name in the main values file for the Brigade chart (here called brigade-values.yaml), or they can be placed in a separate yaml file. If the latter, be sure all of the configuration is still under this sub-chart’s name, like this:

$ cat brigade-github-app-values.yaml
  enabled: true
  # Set this to true to enable Kubernetes RBAC support (recommended)
    enabled: true

  # Image configuration
  registry: brigadecore
  name: brigade-github-app
    # The x509 PEM-formatted keyfile GitHub issued for your App.
    key: |
      -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
      -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
    checkSuiteOnPR: true
    appID: <appID>

$ helm install -n brigade/brigade -f brigade-values.yaml -f brigade-github-app-values.yaml

To link this GitHub App up with GitHub repositories by way of Brigade projects, continue following the