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Brigade: Event-driven scripting for Kubernetes.

Releasing Brigade

Releasing Brigade

Once the intended commit has been tested and we have confidence to cut a release, we can follow these steps to release Brigade:

  1. Issue a docs pull request with all <current release> strings updated to <anticipated release>, e.g. 1.2.0 becomes 1.2.1.

  2. Once this pull request is merged, create and push the git tag from the intended commit:

    $ git tag v1.2.1
    $ git push origin v1.2.1

    The release pipeline located in our brigade.js then takes over and does the heavy lifting of building component images, pushing to designated image registries, building the brig cli binaries and finally creating the GitHub release.

  3. Lastly, issue a pull request in brigadecore/charts bumping the version and appVersion values in both the Brigade chart and the Brigade Project chart to match the current release value. Once this pull request is merged, the brigade.js pipeline will handle building fresh chart artifacts and updating the chart index file.